About SHCT

SHCT is an online Health advice portal – written and managed by ordinary people and regular joes.

Our writers are not Healthcare Professionals or Fitness Fanatics. They are ordinary people with the same health issues, worries and curiosities as the average person. SHCT is a place for them to record their journey into the world of Healthy Living.


Whether it’s Veganism, Running Marathons or Quitting Smoking – our contributors aim to try new experiences every week and report their finding back here – so you can get an idea of the effect that these lifestyle changes may have on your own life.

man-869215_1920Jarred Sidcup (45, Manchester)

“I’ve always been a big lad, that’s what my Mum says anyway. She would always insist that having ‘big bones’ ran in the family,
along with titanic food portions and drinking problems. It would be wrong of me to blame my upbringing for current predicament. I’m 45, just over 6ft tall and I weight nearly 90kg.

My Doctor has told me that if I continue to eat and drink at the rate that I have been, I’ll be lucky to reach the age of 65. Heart attacks, strokes and diabetes all lie in store for me, if I chose not to make some dramatic life changes. So it looks like I’ll need to be cutting down on my Pies and getting to grips with how to make a salad, wish me luck!”

mentor-1563993_1920Paula Leyton (51, London)

“It’s hard for me to remember a time when I didn’t smoke. But the time has finally come for me to stop. Sympathy for smokers has rapidly declined since I started 30 years ago, as a teenager. In the late 80s you could still smoke in pubs, clubs – even some restaurants! Now, even though we can still smoke outside these buildings, I feel bad for doing so. In open spaces such as parks or beaches, I feel even more self-conscious about lighting up.

The time has come for me to quit the fags – I don’t care how it happens, all that matters is that I quit.”

business-1287044_1920David Fallow (32, Maidstone)

“There’s nothing I love more than a big juicy steak. In my opinion, it’s the king of all meals. They may cost a fortune, but there’s no deeper satisfaction that biting into a medium-rare steak. Cutting through the crisp outer edge and easing the knife through the soft, red flesh is a pleasure that I cannot compare to anything else. They are, however, not good for you. At least, no when you eat as many as I do and as frequently. I had my first heart ‘moment’ last year and would like to avoid having a more serious one in the near future.

There are so many diets out there, I just need to get find the right one for me!”

woman-977981_1920Julia Mezze (27, Brighton)

“Much to the dismay of my friends and family, I’ve always stayed monstrously thin regardless of what I stuff into my mouth. Although I’ve maintained a good figure throughout my twenties, I’ve always had the niggling feeling that this has been more due to my genetic makeup, than any specific dietary plan. It took a weekend of hiking to realise that my apparent fitness only ran skin deep, I was out of breath in seconds and my stamina was non-existent.

I need to get fit, I refuse to become one of those feeble old skeletal women. I’m going to run a marathon before I turn 30.”